Posted on: September 1, 2009 3:22 am

Reflecting on the 2007 Patriots

Man! Let me tell you, what a dream it was, unfortunately, thats all it was... A dream.
Yes, the Giants of New York wrecked the "perfect" season. As I reflect on the '07 year, there were two, TWO games, that destroyed the season for any Patriot fan. Let's start with the obvious, Superbowl 42. I won't make any excuses, the Giants came to win, not "hang out". The second you ask? Well that would be Baltimore giving the Dolphins their only win of the season that year. I just want to let all the Pats haters, rivals, enemies etc... know that the feeling that "us" Pats fans felt when we were on the wrong side of the score when everything was on the line in SB42 was, and still is, devistating to say the least. To be truthful, the pain, the emptiness, the feeling of no control, will haunt us fans forever. It is such a painful feeling that a "true" NFL fan would understand, because it may not ever happen again in our lifetime that a team goes 18-0 to the Superbowl (only to blow it, bad dice roll in the end). To be honest, blowing the 21-6 lead on the road vs the Colts in the '06 AFC title game won't ever go away either. Even with all of the smack talk Pats' fans dished out, it was more defensive I would like to think, during '07 during Spygate, may be justifiable. We had our backs to the walls. The past few years have been insanely rough to deal with, but true Pats fans will and DO endure. Like I said, I was just reflecting on a season that could have been but fell a game-and-a-half short (see Bal vs Mia). I'll (we'll) hurt for the rest of our lives, as far as sports go, assuming. I just needed to get it off my chest. I wish no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, the pain I feel for my/our team's shortcoming in SB42. It sucks! Its a burden you don't want to ever deal with but you have to because you/we pledge our allegience to the ones' we believe in, no matter if its in sports or in life. With that, I wish everyone here the best of luck in 2009 for your beloved team(s), and in life as well! May it be fun, interesting, dramatic and enjoyable! 
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